Instructor Steven Rougeou
Steven Rougeou - 3rd Degree Black Belt - Instructor
"Having my 3rd Degree Black Belt is a benefit to other activities I do. I've played high school football and I race karts and I know that karate has helped me with my hand and foot skills, along with my peripheral vision. I know karate can be an advantage to kids in other genres of sports. Karate can help with arm strength for baseball, legs for soccer, flexibility for quickness, and mostly confidence in everyday life."

Primary art is Tang Soo Do.

Specialty: Forms

AKA: Shifter
Steven Rougeou began training at age 4 and was awarded his 1st Degree Black Belt March 21, 1998 from Carlos McKnight, a 4th Degree Black Belt under Master Robert Torres.

He played football at his high school (The Dunham School) and enjoys competitve high performance kart racing and has become very successful - regularly placing First at his races not only in Louisiana but also out of state. At speeds of over 150 mph (you read that right, 150 miles per hour!), he has sharp reflexes and no fear.
All the variable types of Hook Kicks we teach in class: Spinning Hook Kick, Jumping Hook Kicks, Stepping Hook Kicks, and Jamming Hook Kicks. I like how you have to use your hips and knees to make the kick work.
Favorite Technique:
Jet Li, not because he is a good actor, but because he is a great martial artist. I used to watch Walker Texas Ranger as a kid, and I enjoyed watching Chuck Norris kick some booty. The reruns allow me so see how a cheesy an actor Chuck Norris was, but at least he knows what he is talking about when it comes to karate. I also like Bruce Lee - he was a small stick of dynamite and he was the most phenomenal martial artist I’ve ever seen.
Favorite Karate Movie Star:
My favorite Karate movies would be Fearless, Crouching Tiger…, Shanghi noon, its sequel, Shanghi Knights, and Fist of Legend.
Favorite Karate Movie:
I enjoy everything but I really like the Forms. They always seemed to be one of my strengths.
Age 4 when some of my friends from summer day care were taking karate classes.
When did you first want to learn Karate?
At first, because my friends were doing it, but it really grew and continued for me. I doubt they went as far or are still even involved.
Why did you want to learn Karate?
For football, the workout trainer at my school said everyone needs to start out with a good foundation or base to be able to improve down the line with their development. I cannot think of better training than martial arts for children to provide a good foundation for them.
Something You Love About Karate:
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At age 4, I attended summer day care at the former Silverside Academy when I found out about a group of kids that would go to a karate place a couple of days each week. I wanted to learn karate in summer camp because one of my friends did it. I'm surprised I can remember that because that was more than 13 years ago. I was a white belt all summer and I wanted a stripe on my belt like the other kids from the camp. I told my dad that I wanted to quit, but he wouldn’t let me. After the summer my father took me out of my first karate school called Tae Kwon Do Plus and put me into Karate Academy of the South. The teacher was Carols McKnight and he was a large and intimidating man. I stuck with it mostly because my father did karate with me even though he probably was not in the best of shape. Karate was good for him because he got into better shape and kept some weight down, and my mother especially liked that. I had a revelation one day when my father and I were testing for our Purple Belt and he passed but I did not. From then on I was determined that I wanted to be more and worked harder. That confidence, determination, and practice allowed me to persevere and become what I am today.

I encourage the parents at the karate academy to show their kids that quitting solves nothing. Your child does not have to be the best in karate because the physical activity is only one out of many things the kids will learn. I am not the best, and I will never be, but I have done karate for so long that I’ve gained dexterity in my movements, confidence, and strength through karate. I hope that this will support your decisions for your children with what is best for them.
Excellence in Martial Arts
The karts I race are under the team name 3rd DEGREE RACING TM. I have incorporated my karate into my racing and have used the design of belts hanging on the wall as inspiration to create a letter 8 that looks like a belt. My father is the most important component of my racing; he started me and keeps me going as he did in karate. Therefore I once again give him all the credit for my success and I strongly encourage other parents to allow their kids to strive for the highest goal.